Year  2020-PRESENT
Services Brand identity, Website, UX, CRO, MarTech, Analytics, HIPAA compliance, Paid ads, Social media, Content creation, Lifecycle marketing
Client  Eyepic Eye Care


Eyepic Eye Care has multiple integrated eye care practices around New York. Their practices offer optical, optometry, and ophthalmology services. New York eye care market is highly competitive, with hundreds of practices all over the city. It is critical to stand out to potential patients and offer impeccable services to patients to be able to succeed in a crowded market.

Eyepic’s acquisition strategy was non-existent when they partnered with BEGOOD Agency. BEGOOD’s research indicated that the most important determinator for patients to choose an eye care practice is trust. To show trust in the digital world, Eyepic had to start by a more welcoming brand identity, accompanied by a full funnel acquisition strategy.


BEGOOD successfully helped Eyepic by creating a solid brand identity, reaching potential patients through effective lead generation, and implementing a digital marketing strategy to drive awareness and increase patient loyalty. The solution was designed to be measurable, scalable, and sustainable, ensuring a long-term impact for the business.



Eyepic’s new branding is warm and welcoming, using soothing colors to build trust. BEGOOD made beautiful photos of Eyepic’s doctors and eyewear collection to create a personalized brand experience online and in-store, where the photos are printed in fine art quality. The original branding was gold, black, silver, and inconsistent, which did not accurately represent what the brand stands for. The new branding, messaging, tagline “Eye care made easy”, and consistent in-store experience helped Eyepic stand out, which led to converting more patients and hiring staff quickly. As of 2023, Eyepic is thriving and opening another practice in Flatbush.

Acquisition strategy

Once the new branding was defined, BEGOOD crafted Eyepic’s acquisition strategy, which involved web development to ensure a smooth user experience and enhanced conversion rate, researching, installing, and managing a HIPAA compliant MarTech stack, social media marketing, PPC ads, SEO, reputation management, email marketing and SMS, CRM management, content creation, lead generation, referral programs, and business development / partnerships with local businesses.

Data visualization for marketing acquisition strategy

Web development, UX, CRO

Eyepic’s website was built to be fast, show trustworthiness, be accessible (Google accessibility score 94/100), optimized for users (Google best practices score 100/100), as well as using advanced SEO technics. Eyepic showcases their doctors on the first page and patient reviews to build trust instantly.

With CTAs optimized for all screen sizes, it does not take long for potential patients and returning ones to call or schedule an appointment directly from the website.

Eyepic’s bounce rate dropped from 85% to 49%, conversion rate from qualified phone calls and live appointment scheduling is consistently between 12-20%, which way above the industry average of 4-7%. This shows Eyepic’s branding and website UX are right on target.

Computer floating with Eyepic Eye Care's website in the background


Eyepic must stay HIPAA compliant. For this reason, BEGOOD sourced the best HIPAA compliant software to be able to integrate doctors’ EHRs with patient management systems and CRMs. It is important for Eyepic to have a tech stack working together, so the patient journey is optimized on all touchpoints.

As of 2023, a potential patient interacting with the Eyepic’s brand can book an appointment directly from the website, which will automatically send a notification to the practice’s computers and add the patient in Eyepic’s EHR. Then, the patient receives a notification to confirm his/her appointment and text message reminders including intake forms to ensure a low no show rate and low wait time. Once new patients has had their first visit at Eyepic, they are segmented in Eyepic’s HIPAA patient management software, and receive personalized + automatic messages to enhance their experience, make them feel part of the Eyepic’s brand, help them refer friends and family, give feedback / reviews, and remind them of their next appointments.

Graph representing an eye care patient journey from onboarding to referral.

Lead generation

BEGOOD and Eyepic worked on crafting the best lead generation possible to ensure low CPL and high ROI. By creating engaging content in different formats (meant for SEO, ads, and organic social), keeping its brand consistent, and building a strong online reputation, Eyepic successfully grew a loyal local following with +400% followers on Instagram, and generated qualified traffic through organic search and organic social, boosting organic website visits by +300% in 2022-2023. Paid ads on socials generated an astonishing $3 CPL while PPC ads had a 20% CTR.

Partnerships / Business Development

Referrals and word-of-mouth are a big driver of success for eye care practices.  BEGOOD helped Eyepic select and work with local businesses and schools to cross promote services by outreaching and creating marketing material, helping local communities know about Eyepic’s offerings.


40% Patient Boost

Between 2021 and 2023, Eyepic saw a 40% increase in appointments, which positively impacted eyewear sales and returning patient rate. All without using Zocdoc.

BEGOOD marketing caught the eye of Invasion mag, a specialized eye care media. Invison mag created a Best of the Best case study about our partnership with Eyepic, which resulted in free PR for Eyepic Eye Care. Click here to read the article.